“Fly-A-Way Fighter”

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She’s King Collection is proud to offer this Fly-A-Way Fighter Wax Stick.

  • Gentle wax balm that tames, holds, and molds wild fly-a-way hairs without leaving the hair stiff or brittle 
  • Creates subtle and detailed definition 
  • Keeps textured hair styles in place. 

Many of us struggle with frizz that only seems to worsen as the day goes on. Yet finding a great anti-frizz organic hair care product can be difficult. She’s king Collection Products offers our Fly-A-Way Fighter Wax Stick so you can have gorgeous-looking hair all day long. Easy to apply and manipulate, this all-natural hair care product will up the ante on your look, and your friends and strangers will compliment you non-stop. Order this ethnic hair product online today!

How To Use Me:

Apply directly to the hair before smoothing and styling as desired. 

  • Fly-A-Way FighterWax Stick is not tested on animals.
  • Fast shipping for fabulous hair

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Mineral Oil, VitaminA Beewax, Bentonite, Glycerd Stearate, Hydrolysis Silk, Flavor